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mDiet Weight Management Platform
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We offer many different services to help you get set up for success with an End to End Solutions. Please check our our services below and give us a call


We are connected to 8 Mobile Operators in the MENA Region in which we provide non-core services, or in short, all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions, including but not limited Sourcing, Creating and Developing Content in addition to APPS, 3G Services, Premium SMS Billing, RBT, and custom made Telecom Solution.


We believe the best mobile experiences are handcrafted and customized from the ground up. When we build for iOS, we optimize our apps for the iOS paradigm. When we build for Android, we make full use of Android’s functionality. Built with the DNA of the device they live on, native apps drive immersive mobile experiences.


With more than 10 years’ experience in designing, developing and supporting web applications and more than 100 projects completed for customers in over 8 countries, Arab Mobile Content is the reputable and reliable “one-stop” vendor to realize your most ambitious and complex projects.


Arab Mobile Content is a Magneto partner which is an eCommerce platform that works hand in hand with retailers, brands and branded manufacturers across B2C and B2B industries to successfully integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. We provide an End to End Services from concept to commercial launch.

Social Media Marketing

We are focused on putting your company in a better position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social web and how to successfully drive visitors to your site.


Through research, testing, and refinement, we connect your business goals to your users’ needs by turning complex ideas into clean, beautiful designs and accessible experiences.

What they say.

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Stanley Sunderman

Director @ Microsoft