We believe an SMS marketing service should be easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to customize. That’s why our mobile marketing platform makes launching a custom SMS marketing campaign fun, fast, and inexpensive. Tawasall is an SMS marketing platform with Superior features like setting accounts in a minute, managing contacts and campaigns, use of keywords, Text-2-Vote, Text-2-Win, Text-2-Join.



Business needs a reliable SMS marketing platform

Business needs a reliable SMS marketing platform that provides superior features



Tawasall; Refreshingly Simple, Surprisingly Affordable

Tawasall is a refreshingly simple web-based text messaging service. We've been very focused on building and refining the intuitive user interface that thousands of clients use every day. Point and click to create groups of contacts. Whenever you want to send out a mass text message, just select one of your groups, type your message, and hit send. Of course we also have a full set of advanced SMS marketing features for those who need them.